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Weighing Systems Assessment and Certification

Minimize Your Weighing Risk! ™ Program

Weighing Systems Assessment and Certification


Minimize Your Weighing Risk! ™ is Mitel’s proprietary program that is tailored to each customer weighing requirements. This program consists of an initial assessment of all weighing systems followed by an individual evaluation and certification. The procedure conducted by Mitel as well as all the documentation provided ensures audit-compliance with all regulatory agencies and industry standards. 


In addition Mitel, provides a multi-disciplinary team, composed of experienced consultants, technicians and   engineers   with   over   125   years   of   combined   experience   in   the   weighing   & instrumentation business. Our team also brings a proven track record as project management professionals; essential to ensuring that deadlines are met and effective cost-tracking is employed. Mitel has clear understanding of the requirements set by regulatory agencies as well as all other industry standards which guarantees proper evaluation and certification of all your weighing systems. 


We deploy a consultative approach; one that strives to guarantee our customers an optimal solution for their applications, process and business demands. From the onset of your immediate or long term project needs, we are available as a resource to help specify quality measurement systems and software products appropriate to your application, or extend and maintain the useful life of existing systems through preventive care and timely repairs.

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