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Dispensing & Formulation System

Designed to simplify your formulation needs


The FormWeigh.Net® system for dispensing and formulation is designed to simplify your formulation needs. Thanks to the intuitive guidance through the formulation process, you rest assured of stable product quality from batch to batch, while maximizing material utilization, process speed and reducing the amount of manual work involved. Reap the benefits of FormWeigh.Net® in your industry, regardless of whether it is food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics or manufacturing.


The FormWeigh.Net® benefits for your industry:

⦁    Increased productivity

⦁    Gapless batch documentation

⦁    Guaranteed consistent product quality

⦁    Process safety and stability

⦁    More efficiency in batch manufacturing



Increase production yield and maximize utilization of raw materials


In manual processes, stored raw materials may expire before they enter production. Errors in dispensing lead to wrong mixtures and loss of productivity.

You may therefore have to dispose expensive raw materials, drastically reducing your production yield and at the same time incurring additional costs for the disposal of waste.

Thorough operator training and powerful functions, such as FEFO (First Expire – First Out), allow you to fully utilize your materials and reduce waste, which consequently makes your production more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.



Achieve reliable and traceable results


FormWeigh.Net® works alongside your processes and documents them electronically on the centralized database without compromising your flexibility. It allows you to take control of your workflows in such a way that you are always aware of which orders are completed, in progress or awaiting processing.


FormWeigh.Net®, the powerful solution with countless advantages:

⦁    Easy to handle

⦁    Centralized data management

⦁    Accelerated material and data flow

⦁    Batch-oriented workflow from incoming goods to shipment

⦁    Batch fraction management and quantity adjustment

⦁    Multiple formulation methods

⦁    Functions compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, 21 CFR Part 111 and EU 178/2002



Computer system validation (CSV)


Because FormWeigh.Net® is designed according to the requirements of GAMP it is also extensively used by the regulated industries.

METTLER TOLEDO offers comprehensive validation support for FormWeigh.Net®. Validation specialists and specially prepared protocols and templates provide you with on-site assistance in completing this time-consuming process efficient and straight forward.

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