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Measurement & Metrology Instruments

At Mitel, we focus on providing the most precise measuring instruments and services. Our high precision measuring instruments & tools help maintain quality control and ensure your operation consistently produces accurate results.

If you want to learn more about the best measuring instruments and systems, reach out to us today.

• Borescopes

• Calipers

• Data Transfer

• Depth Measurement

• Force Gage

• Gage Blocks, Plug, Ring Gages

• Granite And Machine Set Up

• Hardness Tester – Rockwell

• Height Measurement

• Indicator

• Internal And External Diameter

• Layouts Tools & Levels

• Linear Gage

• Linear Scales And Counters

• Micrometers

• Microscopes

• Profile Projectors

• Roughness Testers

• Rules, Scribers, Angle, Taper Gages

• Snap Gages

• Thickness Gages

• Tool Sets

• Torque Tester Torque Wrench

• Vision Measuring System

We supply innovative measuring instruments that move beyond current technology boundaries.

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