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PAT: Process Analytical Technology Solutions

            NIR, Particle Size and More

Malvern offers a variety of online particle size analysis and measurements. The Insitec systems deliver the online continuous particle size analysis needed for efficient, cost-effective monitoring and control of industrial processes. The Parsum Probes use Spatial Filter Velocimetry to deliver in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles suspended in a pneumatic or gravity flow gas stream.

NIR analysis offers rapid, affordable and precise results. It enables real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity.

BUCHI’s NIRSolutions™ support you in mastering your daily challenges from incoming goods inspection to finished product release.


BUCHI NIR-Online® and Benchtop Solutions enable enhanced productivity and higher quality for maximum gross profit margins. We support you in optimizing all stages of production – from incoming goods inspection to releasing finished products.

Malven Panalytcal Puerto Rico
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