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for your application, process and business demands


Mitel offers a unique approach to service solutions.  We believe a service strategy should be driven by the impact each instrument has on your business goals, as measured by the consequences of inaccuracy, substandard quality, downtime or noncompliance with regulations.  Using a strategic process, our consultative service approach examines how critical each instrument is to your operations and customizes a service strategy that best supports your success.



Mitel [Premier] is the single source service program provided by Mitel-Mettler Toledo, local specialists in weighing and instrumentation services.  Mitel [Premier] is a service program designed to provide customers with the best quality service, composed of highly qualified and experienced technicians capable of providing the best and most reliable service in the industry.

Mitel Service - Mettler Toledo Service Puerto Rico
For over 60 Years, Mitel has been the top service & repair provider for weighing systems

Mitel covers all of your needs from validation methods and protocols, through the qualification, calibration and proper maintenance and support for your instruments and weighing systems.

Our Commitment

Mitel [Premier] provides a full solution for laboratories and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, environmental. R&D, and more.  We provide a wide range of maintenance programs for your Balances, Scales, Pipettes, pH Meters, Titrators, Moisture Analyzers, Refractometers, Density Meters, Melting Point, and more.  Our qualified specialists are committed to providing the highest level service to support you in ensuring quality and improving your laboratory and manufacturing processes.  With over 60 years in the industry and a track record of superior customer services and unmatched dependability, we stand behind our work 100%.

Our technicians are factory trained and qualified to work on-site with all makes and models of scales and balances. Our staff works on a 24/7, 365 day schedule and are positioned to resolve your issues in a timely and dependable manner.


Contact our Service Department and ask about setting up a routine Preventative Maintenance and Calibration schedule that will help your operation maintain reliable and accurate weighing.


All of our operations are outfitted with NIST traceable test weights and standards that also comply with state certification requirements.


Island Wide Coverage


Phone support at all times


Centralized dispatching and billing, simplifying administration.


  • Corporate and Service Contract Accounts

  • Many clients have a common requirement 24/7 Rapid Response for service. Our network is designed to deliver this.

  • 4 hours response time, 7 days a week. Guaranteed!  It is built into our culture.

  • Service Management System & Reporting

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