Mitel Terms & Conditions for Sales & Services

Mitel Distributing Corp. / Service Business Area Conditions of Service

Issuance of a purchase order for services implies review and agreement of the below conditions of service.


  1. MITEL Responsibilities. Mitel will contact customer in a timely fashion with proposed service dates and work with the customer to provide the best possible   scheduling    in   accordance    with    its   scheduling    procedures.    Mitel    will   provide    only    trained, certified    personnel    to   perform    the   contracted services.  Mitel   personnel   shall be   responsible   for   maintaining   a   professional   appearance   and   behavior   while   at   a   Customers   facility.   Mitel  personnel   performing services   will   be responsible   for collating   all the paperwork   pertaining   to the service before submitting   the completed   documentation   to the customer. Mitel is not responsible for customer internal documents unless previously agreed upon in writing. Please refer to section 7 documentation.  Mitel will carry out all services specified on the Work Order on the confirmed dates and times.    In the event a service or equipment qualification shall result in a failure then Mitel will attempt to determine   the   root   cause.   If   the   qualification   was   completed   with   adherence   to   all   procedures   and   SOP   guidelines and no cause is immediately   assignable   Mitel will work with the customer   to resolve the issue, however   this may require retesting at the customers expense including travel and   labor. For Additional details about Qualifications - IQOQ, EQPACs, please refer to section 9 Equipment Qualification Services (IQ/OQ EQPac’s.

  2. Customer Responsibilities.   Customer is responsible for responding to scheduling proposals in a timely fashion. Customer agrees to provide or make available at   time of scheduled service the following:  Timely access to the facility, an escort or Point-of-Contact while on-site, Suitable workspace, Reviewed and pre-approved   protocols with any amendment /addendum or comments as may be made after mutual agreement between Mitel and the Customer and   Equipment   schedule   for service must be ready and available for service prior to arrival. Delays in making equipment available for the scheduled service may result in additional charges   and or delays of service. For initial setup and installation, the customer will be responsible for arranging to have the shipment delivered   to the installation site prior to arrival of a Mitel engineer. Excessive delays may result in additional charges. Additional Service requests which are not part of the scheduled service or work order for a specific service visit will not be permitted without prior approval by the Mitel Service Management. Additional charges may apply.  Mitel reserves the right to bill the customer for additional expenses incurred by Mitel for customer's failure to comply with items in section 4 (Delays / Cancellation / Rescheduling).

  3.   Please note that all services are schedule on a first come first served basis. At times, due to the high volume of service requests, our resources may be limited for immediate support. Contract customers receive preferred treatment over non-contract customers with same day response or as per contract terms (typically within 24-48 hrs). Equipment purchase through Mitel without installation, will require a service quote. Once the order is received the request will enter our queue and scheduled for the next available date. Please note this request may be delayed due to local policy and requirements of Corporación del Fondo del Seguro del Estado (CFSE) (workers compensation and employers liability policy).

  4. Delays /Cancellations / Rescheduling.   All Cancelations or rescheduling of confirmed service(s) must be submitted in writing from Mitel to client or from Client to Mitel.  Verbal communication will not be considered as a means to amend a confirmed service.  Any delays due to Client with confirmed service dates will be rescheduled to the next available date.  Local Service Team (Non-Contract): Scheduled and confirmed services may be cancelled or rescheduled with 48hrs in advanced with no cancellation fee. Orders cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours of the confirmed date will incur in 50% cancellation fee of the total value of the service to cover expenses and business lost. For services including rental of tools, equipment and or transportation (i.e. cranes, forklifts, trucks etc.) will incur in a 100% cancellation fee of all actual expenses incurred including, business lost and deposits for rental equipment and any other related cost. Contract Customers: Waiting time, equipment not readily available, or any other delay incurring in employee overtime shall be invoiced separately as per established contract rate. Employee overtime and work outside established work hours are invoiced at double the established rate. Out of State Service Team (Supplier): Scheduled and confirmed services may be cancelled or rescheduled 10 days prior to scheduled service date with no cancellation fee. Orders cancelled or rescheduled 10 business days or less of the confirmed date may incur a 100% cancellation fee of all actual expenses incurred including airfare, business lost and deposits for rental vehicles and/or hotel stays. These terms are subject to change based on our partners service policies and scope of service.

  5.  The  client  is  responsible   for  the  physical  safety  of  all  Mitel  employees  that  may  enter  their  building,  laboratory  or  other related  facilities.    While all   Mitel   employees   have   been   properly   trained   for   all   the   services   to   be   performed, the   client   must provide a  safe  work  environment   for   all   Mitel employees   while   they   are   on   the   premises.   If a Mitel   employee   should   require   medical   care, it is the   responsibility of the client to obtain   that   care through   whatever   means   necessary.       Mitel's   workers   compensation   policy   will   cover   all   Mitel   employees’   medical   expenses   and   no   cost   will   be placed on the client if medical care is needed.  An incident report, in writing, may be required from the client  in  order  to  document  any  situation  requiring medical care. Mitel will submit a formal request from the client if documentation is required

  6. Customer Safety Trainings and other Onsite Trainings: Customers that require Mitel personnel to participate in any orientation or training, to grant access to Mitel service personnel, must inform this prior to scheduling or confirming a service. Orientations and training offered on the same day of the service and that are less than an hour long, and do not intervene with the service execution and completion will not be invoiced. If a separate day is required a quote shall be provided by the Mitel service team in order to cover the technician’s time, travel and other administrative costs. A minimum of 4 hours will be invoiced including additional travel and mileage charges. For contract customers this fee shall be waived if agreed upon as part of the terms.

  7. Mitel and its personnel are not responsible for filling out any customer documentation unless previously agreed upon in writing. This includes but is not limited to customers own calibration or internal verification documents, qualification protocols and any other internal document (i.e DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ, etc.). Customer shall not request Mitel personnel to modify any documents such as Work Orders, Calibration Certificates, and any other official Mitel document or from its partners. Any change, modification, or deviation from Mitel or its partners procedures shall be agreed upon in writing. Any documentation change or additional request outside the scope of the work quoted are subject to additional fees.

  8. Customer Service and Document Review: Once a service technician completes the work scheduled, all service-related documents (i.e work order, calibration certificate etc.) are provided to the customer for review. The customer must review these as to not delay the service and conclusion of the work schedule. If the individual responsible for document review is not available at the completion of the work, the Mitel service personnel shall leave these with a customer representative as to conclude the day’s work. The Mitel personnel will no stay onsite after working hours to allow customer document review. If customer requires additional time for document evaluation, this time will be invoiced at our established hourly rate.

  9. Equipment Qualification Services (IQ/OQ/ EQPac’s) are quoted and scheduled to be executed and completed in one (1) working day Per Equipment, unless otherwise stated on quote.  Services are offered Monday-Friday from 8-5pm unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional Days required to complete work will be Invoiced separately at our hourly rate. For all IQ/OQ services please ensure all documentation(logbooks/binders) have been properly evaluated and pre-approved for execution prior to scheduling service. In order to avoid any delay in services, a customer representative must be present and readily available during the execution of the qualification service, for section approval and sign-off process. If separate days are required for protocol evaluation and approval, or due to customer requirements please inform our service team so they may quote to cover these additional days of work. This includes but not limited to separate days for the execution of the IQ , and separate day for the OQ execution.  For further clarification please contact our Service Team.  Additional tests outside the scope of our IQOQ guidelines, SOP, or calibration protocol will not be executed. Tests or evaluations outside our procedures are customer responsibility. Mitel – Mettler Toledo, or any of our partners cannot guarantee nor certified any test or evaluation outside established protocols or procedures. IQOQ protocols are not customizable. In the case any test or verification outside our scope is done it shall be considered for information purposes only and is not tied to our procedures nor responsibility as a calibration and service provider. Mitel is not responsible for filing any customer documentation unless previously agreed upon in writing. Any documents, certificate, referring to customers own procedure, is for customer own information and Mitel is nor responsible for such documents nor is legally responsible.

  10.    All data, documents, manuals, materials, technology and drawings as well as any information   provided   in writing, orally or otherwise to Mitel by the Client or to the Client by Mitel during this agreement (service contract or individual purchase order), and for a period of 1 calendar year after its completion, will be kept confidential. No part of our procedures including those of our partners may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, photographing, and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of Mitel Distributing Corp. and its partners.

  11.  All notices will be addressed as follows:    Email:


Depot Repair


  1. Inspection Charge: The cost for equipment inspection and diagnostic is $680.00 + Taxes (unless otherwise agreed on). This charge covers Inspection of the equipment only, parts and repair labor are not included in fee unless otherwise agreed upon on writing, service quote or contract. The customer must provide a preferred shipping company and account number which will be used for return shipment of equipment or instrument being serviced and or certified. If Pick Up and Delivery of Equipment is required by Mitel personnel it will be invoiced separately to the inspection and diagnostic fee, as per our established rates.

  2. Any repairs (parts and labor) are at additional charge and will be quoted before the calibration and/or adjustment is completed. When calibration is complete the equipment or instrument will be returned to the Customer and the purchase order processed.

  3. If the repair estimate is not accepted the Inspection Charge will be charged and the equipment will be returned to the customer.

  4. If customers purchase order/acknowledgment is not received within 30 calendar days of the estimate, Mitel will commence arrangements to return the equipment to the customer. An invoice for the inspection of the equipment will be included as per our established rates. In the event the equipment cannot be repaired the customer will be notified and arrangements will be made to return the equipment.

  5. All request will be processed on First In – First Out criteria. Pick up of equipment does not guarantee immediate service. Equipment will be serviced, verified, or repair on the next available date on schedule. Repairs are subject to parts availability. Mitel does not keep a local stock of parts, unless agreed upon on a service contract. Services will not be performed or put-on schedule without proper customer acknowledgment or Purchase Order. Contract customers have priority over noncontract customers.

  6. Additional Terms: Our general terms. Available upon request, or at our website



Mitel Distributing Corp. / General Terms & Conditions of Sale


1. Customer Acknowledgement. Customer acknowledges agreement with these terms of sale by the placement of an order to purchase a product from Mitel.


2. Prices.  Unless otherwise specified all prices are F.O.B.  point of origin. Written quotations are valid for 30 days from issuance.   Prices   are   exclusive of, and customer will pay, applicable sales, use,  service,   value  added  or   like   taxes,    unless    customer     has   provided Mite with an appropriate    tax exemption certificate.


3. Orders.  All orders are subject to acceptance by Mitel. Customer will specify ship to address within the country where the order is placed, unless otherwise agreed.


4. Delivery.  Unless otherwise specified products are shipped F.O.B.  point of origin.  Title and risk of  loss  shall  pass  to  buyer  upon  seller ’s  delivery  of  product to the   carrier.   Buyer   shall   pay   all   freight, handling,   delivery,   special   packaging   and   insurance   charges   for   shipment   of   products.   Choice   of    carrier   and shipping method and route shall be  seller ’s  election  unless  specified   by  buyer  at  time  of  order.   Seller  shall  have  the  right  to  deliver  all  products  covered hereby  at  one  time  or  in  partial  shipments  from  time  to  time,  within  the  agreed  time  for  delivery.  Seller   shall  not  be  liable  for  delays  in  delivery  or  for failure to  perform   due  to  causes   beyond  the  reasonable  control  of  seller,  including  but   not  limited  to,  force   majeure,  acts  of  God,  acts   or  omissions   of buyer,  acts of    civil    or    military    authorities,    fire,    strikes,    power   surges    or    outages,    epidemics,    quarantine    restrictions,     flood,    natural    disasters,    riot, war,   delays    in transportation  or  inability  to  obtain  necessary  labor,  materials  or  supplies.  In  the  event  of   any  such  delay,  the  set  date  of  delivery,  if  any, shall  be  extended for  a  reasonable  period,  or  the  delivery  may  be  canceled  at  seller ’s  option.  Any  delay  in   delivery,  at  customers  request  greater  than   30 days  is  subject  to an additional stocking charge or a good faith deposit not to exceed 20% of the equipment total.


5. Installation and Acceptance.  Installation by Mitel, when included in the purchase   price   is   complete   when   the   product passes Mitel’s   installation and test    procedures.    For    products    with or without    installation included in the purchase price, acceptance by customer occurs upon delivery by Mitel. Mitel is not responsible if customer schedules or delays installation after delivery, customer acceptance of the product(s) will occur upon delivery.


6. Payment Terms: Invoices   are   due   and   payable   net   30   days   from   date   of  invoice   provided   that   customer ’s  account    is  in  good standing  or  in  the  case of  a  new  customer,  credit  references  meet  Mitel  requirements.   Orders exceeding $30,000.00, will require the following terms: 50% of Total Value of Order- Due at time Purchase  Order  is  placed. 25% of Total Value  of Order  –Due  Upon Factory  Shipment  of Purchase  Order.  25%  of Total Value  of Order  – Due  Net  30 Days  from Customers receipt of Purchase Order (upon credit approval). Buyer’s outstanding    unpaid balances shall be subject to a finance charge    of    1 -1/2%    per    month    until    paid    in    full.    Buyer   shall    also    pay    seller ’s    cost    of collection  (including    reasonable    attorney ’s    fees).    Payments    received may  be  applied  by  seller  against  any   obligation  owed  by  buyer  to  seller.  Seller  may refuse   or   delay   shipments   if   buyer   fails   to   pay   promptly   any   payments due seller. All payments must be in US dollars. All credit memos issued by seller shall permanently expire one (1) year from the date of issuance. If  Buyer  fails  to  make  advance  payment,  any  payment  becomes  delinquent  or  refuses  to  accept  C.O.D.  shipments,  Mitel  shall  have  the  right,  to  cancel  the  Sales Agreement, refuse to make further deliveries, and declare immediately due and payable all unpaid amounts for Products. Each shipment shall be considered a separate and independent transaction and payment therefor shall be made accordingly. Buyer must notify Mitel within fifteen (15) days  from the invoice date if Buyer has not received the Product(s).


7. NCNR Materials.  Any   product   that   is   or   becomes   designated   as   NCNR   (non -cancelable,   non-returnable)   or   customer   specific   (CS)   shall   be   considered strictly    as non-cancelable,    non-returnable    and    non-reschedulable.    Buyer    assumes    full    liability    for    any    product    (NCNR    Materials)    that    (a)    has    been shipped to  buyer  and/or  (b)  is  being  held  in  seller ’s  inventory  for  buyer  and /or  (c)  has  been  ordered  by   seller  from  and  been  manufactured    by  seller ’s supplier,   in whole    or     in    part,    and/or    (d)    is    part     work -in-progress    and/or    pre-built    value    enhanced    product    being    held    in    seller ’s    or     its subcontractor ’s   inventory   for buyer.  Buyer  shall  pay  any  cancellation   charges  invoiced   to  seller  by  its  supplier  with  respect  to  NCNR,  as  well  as  any  related labor,  transportation,   raw materials and storage costs.


8. Cancellation/Rescheduling.  Except   for   NCNR   materials, buyer   may   cancel   or   reschedule   orders   with   the   seller ’s   approval   per   the   following    conditions:


9. Parts  and  Accessory.  Orders may   be cancelled   within   1  business   day   after   receipt   of  order   with   no  cancellation   fee .   Orders   cancelled   after   2  business days  from  receipt  of  order  and  prior  to  shipment  will  incur  a   15%  cancellation  fee.  Orders  returned  up  to    5  business  days  after  delivery  with  an  approved Return  Authorization   Number   (RA)  will  incur  a  35%  restocking   fee.   Equipment and Instrument  Orders  may  be  cancelled   within   2  busines s   day  after  receipt of  order  with no  cancellation    fee.  Orders  cancelled  after    2 business  days  from  receipt  of  order  and  prior  to  shipment  will  incur  a    15%  cancellation    fee. Orders  returned up   to   10   business   days   after   delivery   with   an   approved   Return   Authorization   Number     (RA)   will   incur   a   35%   restocking   fee.   Service Orders,  Scheduled and  confirmed   service   appointments   may  be  cancelled   or  rescheduled   10  days  prior  to  scheduled   service   date  with  no  cancellation   fee. Orders    cancelled or  rescheduled  with  less  than  10  days’  notice  of  the  confirmed  date  will  incur  a    100%  cancellation  fee  of  all  actual  expenses   incurred including  airfare,  lost time all, travel expenses and deposits for rental vehicles and/or hotel stays.





10. Returns.  Buyer   may   only   return   products   with   seller ’s   consent   and   in   accordance   with   sellers   return   policy.   Upon   confirmation   of    right   of   return, seller shall    issue    or cause    to be issued    a Return Authorization Number (RA#).    Buyer    shall    return    products    F.O.B.    buyer’s    plant, freight    prepaid,  in accordance with  seller’s  instructions   in  their  original  package  and  in  good  condition,  without  alteration.   Upon receipt of returned product which  comply  with this  section 9 and  seller’s  return  policy,  seller  has  the  right  to  issue  and  buyer  agrees  to  accept  a  credit  memo   in  the  amount  of  the  value  of  the  returned products which  may  be  used  as  a  credit  toward  future  purchases  for  a  period  of  one   (1)  year  after  issuance.    In lieu of  a  credit  at  seller ’s  sole  discretion, seller  may charge   buyer   35%   of   the   order   total   as   a   restocking   fee.   Any   extra   cost   incurred   by    seller   to   meet   buyers   request   for   a   return   will be   the   buyer’s responsibility. Upon acceptance by seller that the returned order has met seller's acceptance criteria 10% of the order total shall be refunded to buyer.







13. General.  These terms  of  sale  and  any  transaction  made  under  them  shall  be  interpreted  by  and  be  subject  to  the  laws  of  the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In the event    any    section    or   portion    of    a    section    of    these    terms    of    sale    are    deemed    unlawful    or   unenforceable,   that    section    or    portion    of    a section   shall   be stricken  from  the  terms  of  sale,  and  the  remaining  terms  shall  continue  in  full  force  and   effect.  The  terms  of  sale  may  be  modified  from time  to  time  by Mitel without notice.


14. Export.    Commodities, technology,   or   software    exported    from    the    United    States    of  America    or,    from    other   exporting   countries    will   be   subject    to the   US Export   Administration   Regulations   and   all   exporting   countries   laws   and   regulations.   Diversion   contrary   to   U .S.   law   and   the   applicable   export laws   and regulations is prohibited.


15. Employees.    Buyer    expressly    understands   and   agrees   that   the   solicitation    or   employment   of   seller ’s   employees   while    currently    employed   by   seller will cause   irreparable   harm   to   seller.   In   the   event   of   any   breach   or   attempted   b reach   of   this   section   seller   shall   be   entitled   to   equitable   relief, including injunction    and other remedies    available    to the  seller    at  law  or  in  equity.    Buyer    is  solely    responsible    for  all  of  its  employees,    agents,    and subcontractors and will take the necessary steps to protect seller’s interests.



Equipment /Instrument Warranty Statement


Mitel Distributing Corp. warrants our equipment and instruments to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation or for a period of thirteen (13) months from the date of shipment, whichever comes first . During the warranty period, Mitel will correct any defects in materials, workmanship, or any failure of the system to conform to specifications, at no charge for parts, labor or shipping, provided that the defective parts are returned to Mitel. Customers will be invoiced for parts but will not be charged unless the defective parts are not returned. Mitel does not warrant that the product will provide uninterrupted operation and free of error.


This warranty only covers defects arising under normal use and does not cover consumables or components that come in contact with customer samples and/ or materials. Malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation or repair s by anyone other than Mitel or consumables and components which come in contact with customer sample and/or materials are not cove red. Maintenance or repairs required by accident, power failure or surge, fire, water, wind, lightening or other natural disasters are not covered under equipment’s warranty. Mitel warranties repair parts for a period of sixty (60) days and will replace defective parts used in the repair of Mitel product.


Repair or replacement of defective parts or refund of the price shall be the only remedies available to the purchaser. Mitel, may at its option, in lieu of a refund, repair or replace your system or any of its components with new or reconditioned parts, and any replaced systems or components become the property of Mitel.


Failure of Customer to submit any claim hereunder within day (3) days following expiration of the warranty period applicable to such articles shall be admission by the Customer and conclusive proof that such articles are in every respect as warranty and shall release the Company from any and all such claims for damage or loss sustained by Customer.   In the event a Customer timely submits a  claim for breach of Warranty, the  parties agree that Customer's sole and exclusive remedies shall be, at Company’s option, repair or replacement of the defective article, or  credit or refund of the price of defective articles less depreciation calculated on a straight-line basis over Company’s stated Warranty Period. THESE REMEDIES SHALL BE CUSTOMER’S EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY.


To the  extent permitted by  applicable law, Mitel, shall not  be  liable for incidental or consequential damages,  or breach of any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.   This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights.


Warranty Claim Process

Mitel customers please send an email to  and or a fax to 787-754-0740. Please provide the following information in your email:

• Product Model

• Product Serial Number

• Original Order Number

• Purchase Data

• Detailed explanation of Product or part failure


If your product is authorized for return, your  customer  service  representative  will  either  email  or  f ax  you  the  Returns  Form  including  a  Return Authorization Number (RA#) to include with the returned Product(s) or inform you about the replacement parts shipment. All products returned for replacement must be returned in their original packaging and include all original documentation and/or parts. If you are provided a Return Form with an RA#, ship your product to:


Mitel Distributing Corp. Attn: Service Department Calle América #4

Hato Rey PR, 00917