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Titration & Karl Fisher


Mitel offers unique products and solutions for research, scientific and quality control labs, amongst many others in the Pharmaceutical, R&D, Chemical, Academia, Food & Beverage and other related industries. Mitel is the Local Representative for Mettler Toledo Laboratory Products and Services.

Mitel - Mettler Toledo Puerto Ricog


Titration Tituladores Mettler Puerto Rico

Titration Excellence


Modularity combined with titration efficiency and process security


Tailored Exactly to Your Needs


Efficient, secure and modular


  • Intuitive One Click® user interface

  • Personal home screen

  • Expandable to a broad range of applications, volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer titrations, conductivity titrations and much more

  • Flexible data management

  • Hot Plug & Play for automatic burette and sensors recognition

  • Increase efficiency thanks to the StatusLight™ concept

  • Integrated SmartSample technology

  • Utmost modularity with vast number of accessories


Simple, Efficient, Secure


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Karl Fisher

Karl Fisher Mettler Puerto Rico

Karl Fischer Titrators


Know your water content in One Click®


One Click Water Determination: only to press one button to run a water determination!


Karl Fischer titration is the specific standard method for the determination of water content and gives accurate and precise results within minutes.


The Volumetric Compact Karl Fischer Titrators have been designed for a wide range of water content applications: determinations from 100 ppm to 100% water – fast and precisely. The titration vessel is optimized to retain a low drift value and offers the possibility to determine the water content of liquid, solid and gaseous samples.


For low water content up to 5%, the Compact coulometric Karl Fischer Titrators offer particularly fast and precise titration of samples with a low water content from 1 ppm to 5%. The titration vessel is made completely from glass which ensures a uniquely low drift and hence makes the most accurate and precise results possible.


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