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Truck Scales & Weighbridges


At Mitel we specialize in catering to customers who need a precision scale or balance that performs to exacting standards. Our intimate knowledge of the operating environment in manufacturing and process areas, enables us to properly provide our customers with the right solution every time. Our solutions are hand-picked while taking in consideration the practical needs and requirements of each application and individualMitel offers a range of robust industrial weighing scales—including bench, pallet, rail, tank, floor and customized specialty scales—that can create the highly accurate, reliable results your application requires. Mitel is the Local Representative for Mettler Toledo industrial Products and Services.

Truck Scales


Products and solutions from the global leader in truck scales/weighbridges and load cells.


Truck Scales for Over-the-Road


Weighbridges for road-going vehicles available with a steel deck or concrete deck.


Trucks  Truck Scale Upgrades


Retrofit older scales by adding the latest vehicle weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale.


Truck Scale/Weighbridge Management Software


Gain complete control of your weighing transaction data with vehicle scale management systems for productivity and profit gains.


Vehicle Scale Load Cells


Designed for truck scales and rail scales, advanced load cells increase weighing accuracy and reliability in demanding applications.


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Pallet Truck Scales


Combine transport and weighing in one simple motion with our pallet jack and truck scales.


Dependable, durable pallet jack scales


METTLER TOLEDO PTA/BTA pallet truck scales and jacks make receiving and shipping a breeze. A wide range of options and accessories allow you to fit the pallet jack and scales to your process. In just one operation, you lift, weigh and transport to significantly speed up your warehouse and shipping processes. It’s rugged construction can take the knocks of heavy use.


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Forklift Scales


These scales save time and money by enabling forklift trucks to weigh loads.


Weigh on the Move


METTLER TOLEDO Forklift scales is a cost effective solution to speeding up your pallet weighing processes by weighing  as you drive for improved productivity and revenue recovery. Designed for tough industrial environments, our forklift scales set the standard for reliability, safety and accuracy in heavy-use applications, with local and International Weights and Measures Approvals that guarantee weighing quality.


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Mitel - Mettler Toledo Puerto Rico
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