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Freezers & Refrigerators

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Mitel The True Cooling Specialists


Mitel takes great pride in providing the most complete line of high-quality. We offer a wide selection of ultra-low temperature freezers, standard freezers, and refrigerators. With our biomedical freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers your samples are stored safely under a stable temperature. In addition to our line of freezers, we also provide pharmaceutical and blood bank refrigerators.


Our solutions meet the challenges found in the different segment markets: Agriculture, Biomedical, Biotech, Blood Bank, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Life Science, Pharmaceutical and others.


  • Ultra-Low Freezers

  • Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

  • Flammable Storage and Explosion Resistant Refrigerators

  • Chromatography and Scientific Refrigerators

  • Sliding Glass Door and Pass-Thru Refrigerators

  • Blood Bank and Plasma Refrigerators, and more.

  • Incubators

  • Environmental Rooms


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