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Cuvettes and Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards
UV CUvettes - Calibration Standards Puerto Rico MItel

FireflySci is the World's Premier Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of Cuvettes and Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards.


Our product line offers a wide range of accessories including UV/VIS calibration standards, a fully complete UV cuvette line for spectrophotometers and fluorometers, plastic disposable cuvettes, micro cells, and cuvette washers.


  • Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

  • Fluorometer Cuvettes

  • Cuvette Accessories

  • Tablet Dissolution & Flow Cells

  • Sub-Micro Volume Cuvettes

  • Dye Laser Cells Plates & Discs

  • Microfluidic Chps

  • Flow Channel Cells

  • Gas Cells

  • Custom Manufacturing UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

  • Fluorescence Calibration Standards

  • Evacuable Dies

  • Refractometers

  • and more

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